Hybrid VLC/IR-RF Communication for Smart Space Based on Multi-Functional Thermal Image Sensor Module

The project will target the building block actors by developing a hybrid VLC/IR-RF (Visual Light Communication/InfraRed-RadioFrequency) system based on an innovative integrated multi-functional thermal image sensor module with highly sensitive, low cost, and low power consumption.

This module will be capable of multi-purpose sensing for the monitoring of the energy consumption and control the environment in houses, buildings, and offices, which could avoid the privacy issues with ultra-low resolution (80×80) micro-bolometer, including presence detection, motion detection, and non-contact temperature detection. Also, the module will be able to run an image processing algorithm based on artificial intelligence with low computation and energy requirements, enabling counting of persons or objects, tracking, and distinction of objects such animals. The goal is to develop an integrated multi-functional module with the smallest and smartest infrared design from a single compact sensor.

Furthermore, the proposed VLC/IR-RF system will be able to integrate existing sensors to detect the physical and chemical information at home, building, and office.

Financial contract Nr. 97 from 03/11/2017

Deposit code: PN-III-P3-3.5-EUK-2017-02-0020

The total value of the budget: 1.490.400 Lei

The total value of the contract: 2.186.000 Lei

The total value of the co-founding: 695.600

The start date of the contract: 03/11/2017

The end date of the contract:  31/10/2020

Coordinator: BEIA Consult

Project Director: Victor Suciu

Project financed by UEFISCDI through the European and International Cooperation Program

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