2nd Workshop of EUREKA Project in Romania

Korean partners NNFC, Crepas and GeneTel attended the 2nd Workshop of EUREKA Project in Romania at BEIA in Bucharest 11-15 September 2018 and visited ICPE-CA.

On the first day of the meeting, there were discussions on the system developed by BEIA Consult. A state of the art analysis of the hybrid system emphasized that due to technical expertise, our company will contribute to the development, testing and successful implementation of large-scale VLC-IR / RF hybrid system communications.

CREPAS made a presentation on entitled “Hybrid VLC/IR-RF Communication for Smart Space Based on Multi-Functional Thermal Image Sensor Module” where they presented an overview of the hybrid communication system based on LED sources and an optical communication channel.

There were some discussions that involved small beacons that can provide information regarding the position.

GeneTel Systems made a presentation called Interworking Specification where a hybrid VLC/IR-RF low sensor node interworking and a network interface.











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