National Nanofab Center

Role in VLC project: develop a microbolometer

NNFC has expanded as the best domestic nanotechnology Infrastructure Institute to provide the World’s leading R&D service and tech commercialization of nanotechnology, through endless solutions to various challenges

In addition, we have been supporting nanotechnology improvement through performing extensive business operations and various multidisciplinary projects

In order to be World’s leading Institute,

First, NNFC will set specific, feasible, and detailed goals and implement them by :

  • Building a Fab that can respond to sustainable development and future demand
  • Securing a platform based on big data and library from accumulated know-how
  • Building a smart Fab base that is focused on being global standard service institute

Second, we will establish a sustainable growth foundation to meet our goals by :

  • Discovering Elites and maximizing potential of them to secure future-oriented task forces
  • Establishing business models optimized for service institute with enhanced systems
  • Facility expansion for building ting edge sensor support base and improving accessibility of consumers for commercializing sensors in an advanced market
  • Expanding global network and strengthening cooperation activities to improve global reputation

In the future, the exeives and staff members of NNFC will give the best effort to establish and develop Korea as the World’s strongest nation in nanotechnology by addressing challenges and solving issues to grow as the World’s top institute.

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