Currently, First Responders coordination and decision making during the rescue, firefighting or police operations are performed via radio/GSM channels with some support of video streaming. In unknown premises, officers have no global situational awareness on operation status, which reduces coordination efficiency and increases decision-making mistakes.

3DSafeguard proposes a solution enabling the situational awareness by introducing an integrated operation workflow, which deploys the following technological innovations:

(a) multi-modal heat, depth, toxicity, acoustic and video sensors mounted on acting officers or UAVs,

(b) sensor data fusion, resulting in reconstructed 3D map of unknown premises as actors propagate though and in tracking of the actor positions;

(c) situational analysis and decision support providing automated guidance and alerts to the officers,

and (d) multi-layered visualization of the sensors, analysis- and 3D-map data onto coordinator displays and onto HMD displays of acting officers.

In this workflow, data processing and transmission will be supported by a dynamic network and storage infrastructure. The solution will provide global situational awareness to both coordinators and actors, thereby increasing the efficiency of coordination, reducing mistakes in decision making and diminishing risks of unexpected situations to appear.

This will result in faster operation progress, the decrease of human casualties and financial losses and, the most important, saved human lives in calamity situations. The project is supported by 14 end-users of various nature: public authorities; fire, police and rescue departments; public safety associations, and private security companies operating worldwide.

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