GeneTel Systems, Inc.

National Nanofab Center


Role in VLC project:  integrate the microbolometer

Genetel Information & Communication Co., Ltd. was launched as the ETRI venture start-up company in December, 1999, and has accomplished the remarkable technical deal in the related technology field by developing & investing the communication related embedded technology field concentrically. In the beginning, the hardware and the software based on the standards-based embedded module such as PMC (PCI Mezzanine Card) were developed mainly, but as the technology was accumulated for about 10 years, now it provides various product families applied to the applications for the military, the industry. Particularly, the digital exposure engine technology is as the technology acquired the new technology certification in April, 2008 and applied the direct exposure methods without the mask to the method using the existing mask, and it is acknowledged to be the worldwide leading technology methods. Genetel Information & Communication Co., Ltd. will make every endeavors to mark a new epoch in the information & communication field as the company name means New Genesis in Telecommnunication with the heart just like the first time forward.


CREPAS Technologies

CREPAS Technologies

We develop various SoC which is Sensor ROIC, Display IC, PMICand so on through the integrations at all levels on CMOS & Bi-polar.
CREPAS Technologies have high quality research center which is consist of top level developers of a nation, so we will create and develop of innovative products for competition with world wide companies.

CREPAS will do continuously a research and a investment about our next R&D for competition of customer products and our businesses.

National Nanofab Center

National Nanofab Center

Role in VLC project: develop a microbolometer

NNFC has expanded as the best domestic nanotechnology Infrastructure Institute to provide the World’s leading R&D service and tech commercialization of nanotechnology, through endless solutions to various challenges

In addition, we have been supporting nanotechnology improvement through performing extensive business operations and various multidisciplinary projects

In order to be World’s leading Institute,

First, NNFC will set specific, feasible, and detailed goals and implement them by :

  • Building a Fab that can respond to sustainable development and future demand
  • Securing a platform based on big data and library from accumulated know-how
  • Building a smart Fab base that is focused on being global standard service institute

Second, we will establish a sustainable growth foundation to meet our goals by :

  • Discovering Elites and maximizing potential of them to secure future-oriented task forces
  • Establishing business models optimized for service institute with enhanced systems
  • Facility expansion for building ting edge sensor support base and improving accessibility of consumers for commercializing sensors in an advanced market
  • Expanding global network and strengthening cooperation activities to improve global reputation

In the future, the exeives and staff members of NNFC will give the best effort to establish and develop Korea as the World’s strongest nation in nanotechnology by addressing challenges and solving issues to grow as the World’s top institute.



12-22 Peroni Str. District 4, 041386 – Bucharest, Romania

Tel: +40 21 3323005
Fax: +40 21 3323006

Business Hours

 Weekday: 8am to 6pm
 Saturday and Sunday: closed


12 Poiana Narciselor, Str. District 1, Bucharest, Romania

Papers and Publications

  • SIITME 2018 ( ”An Overview on Visible Light Communication used in Vehicle Applications”, Alina-Elena Marcu, Andrei Scheianu, și George Suciu, ISI Web of Science, IEEExplore
  • ATOM-N 2018 ( ”Investigation of Power LEDs Response Time in Visible Light Communications” – Alina-Elena Marcu, Robert-Alexandru Dobre, Marian Vlădescu, ISI Web of Science, SPIE Digital Library

BEIA Consult International


Beia Consult International is an R&D performing SME, founded in 1991, and it is one of the leading providers of telecommunications equipment and solutions in Romania for enterprise cloud communications and telemetry. The company’s references include over 5,000 turn-key projects for advanced IT and communications solutions. BEIA is certified ISO 9001, 14001, 18001 and 27001.

BEIA has many partnerships in Romania and can provide a full sub-consortium, including industrial manufacturers, academia, large enterprises and SMEs including, University “Politehnica” of Bucharest, Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence (Romanian Academy), Romanian Space Agency, National Institute for Research and Development in Electrical Engineering. And finally, Beia is a member of various professional organizations such as ARIES, PMI, IEEE, AHK, IPMA.

Previous experience in FP and H2020 projects

BEIA has R&D expertise in Cloud and embedded M2M (Machine 2 Machine) telemonitoring applications, one of the R&D results consist in “IP-Wireless-Telemetry” experimental system: Remote Terminal Unit (RTU stand alone, GPS location, data acquisition and processing, command and control, GPRS/CDMA on-line data transmission with TCP/IP embedded); Field Interface Unit – communications server; client application (fleet management, data monitoring and command), human machine interface.

Our company develops an agriculture monitoring platform for monitoring ecological parameters and environmental telemetry, having experience in sensor networks for real-time monitoring (including seismic activity, radioactivity, tsunamis, marine/maritime activities) and with telemetry systems for Irrigation Management (including sensors for measuring soil moisture, monitor water uptake and calculate evapotranspiration), Accurate Water Data (watersensors for hydrographical purposes, from precipitation to water level monitoring of lakes, rivers, wells) and Efficient Water Management (leak and burst detection, pressure, flow, level and well monitoring). BEIA has experience with software for Energy Remote Management System and manages an ongoing project “TELE-GREEN / Telemonitoring System equipment, installations and facilities for the production of clean energy” co-financed by the European Regional Development Funding.

BEIA CONSULT has completed more than ten National and EU R&D projects which have resulted in international projects such as “REDICT”, a FP7 EU-financed project, projects financed from the “National Plan for Research, Development and Innovation” including: TERRA_RO, LOCOMAX, MITEAPL, SAWHAU, SEDCC and finally, projects financed through the “Research of Excellence Programme”: ARTEMIS, RO-IP-Wireless-Telemetry, HIBRIVOLT, PRO-EURO-TIC. Also BEIA has started the EU projects “CLOUD CONSULTING”, “FAIR” and “NMSDMON” in the field of Cloud and IoT (Internet of Things) that will serve to industrialize the cloud communications solutions.